Edward & Rosie Bonin

To Whom it my concern, My wife and I decided to sell our big house and find a town house. We didn’t need all that room so we took one Saturday just to look around and see what was available in our neighborhood because we loved our home and the neighborhood that’s when we ran into the Cuervo’s. There are not enough positive words in the English language to describe our relationship that occurred between us from that moment on. The very next day Heroel call us and wanted to see inside our house and we agreed. Well from that day those wonderful people did everything they could to sell our house (IN 10 DAYS I MUST ADD) and that lovely young lady Karen Lopera stepped right in and found us a lovely town home that we fell in love with. She was very very personable it was like our best friend stepped in as our real estate person. She kept calling us daily on updates, no one ever did that for us before and we bought & sold many homes in the past. The Cuervo’s and there team were so personable & professional that it seems that one day we were packing and the next day we were unpacking . They made the whole process not only easy but enjoyable. If there was a problem Heroel and his team was right on top of it and solved it immediately, if we ever decide to move again we will be on the phone with Keller Williams and the Cuervo team with no hesitation they were the most wonderful dedicated group of people i & my wife ever had the privilege to work with. If you are selling or buying The Keller Williams and the Cuervo Team are a MUST. Edward & Rosie Bonin

— Edward & Rosie Bonin