Roy Freberg

My wife and I spent almost two years working with Heroel and Monica Cuervo. Having spent thirty one years living in Las Vegas and deciding to move across country is and was a daunting task. While visiting our daughter and grandchildren in Florida, we happened to accidentally run into Heroel showing a house next to where we were visiting. What a wonderful coincidence that turned out to be. For the next, as I said, two years, we worked with them both in Vegas, via email and NUMEROUS phone conversations, and while visiting Florida. Finding a home viewing pictures is not easy. Finding one while visiting and on a tight schedule, is almost impossible. However, this was where working with a caring, patient, and extremely professional team, came to the forefront. Working mostly with Heroel, since he was the agent we met on that lucky day, he found us that perfect home. (I have to say at this time, he spent hours on the phone listening to me vacillate between maybe that is the right home and then backing down because of numerous emotional or whatever might have been the reasons for not wanting that particular home.). When the day came we did find “the house” which was a short sale might I add, the expertise of the Cuervo team stepped up. Needless to say, in a few short months we will be moving to Florida to live close to our family and in a beautiful home found for us by Heroel and Monica. Thanks guys for all your hard work, caring, patience, and professionalism. See you for dinner at our house soon!

— Roy Freberg